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Seriously Good Landscapes has been formed for 5 years. We gain the most satisfaction making something really special out of wasted garden spaces. The owner of the business, Sam Bairstow studied a Bachelor of Arts degree in Industrial Design at the renowned Brunel University in West London. "My concept of form and function was developed over the 4 year period at Brunel through a rigorous hands on approach that brought together practise and theory."

"When leaving Brunel, I felt a shift in my target as I wanted to be based in the South West but needed a route to put what I had learned to good use. I therefore transferred the design skills and applied them to landscapes, Tree houses and Garden rooms. Doing this ensured our team could have the best of both worlds; creative designing & hands-on work with a tangible outcome."

We have recently developed a range of our most popular products which people can buy from off the shelf. We are aware that what with the demand for housing, the plots that contractors are producing are becoming more and more generic by design. We have been asked to design for several of these standard sized new development gardens and so what we are offering people now is a set of our best landscape designs where the customer can pick and choose between budgets and features which once decided upon can then be applied to their garden.

We have also done the same for our most popular tree house and also our most popular garden studio/ green room.

We've recently had our tree houses in the news. Want to see more? >
Contact Us By Post: Beckwood Cottage, Manaton, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ13 9UG.
Speak to: Sam Bairstow By Telephone: 01647 221327 or during the day: 07738 220307
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Seriously Good Tree Houses. Click image for more project information.
crediton tree houseSwinging From The Trees
ashburton tree houseOak Tree
ottery st mary tree houseBuilding Bridges
dartmoor tree houseSuper-vision

holbeton tree housePerfect for a Party
honiton tree house100 Metre
Zip Wire!
lustleigh tree houseBeech Tree
north devon tree houseAsh Tree

newton abbot tree houseSmall Yet

Seriously Play Times

Bespoke, Seriously Good Tree Houses, Made in Devon & The South West.

Please navigate our Devon tree houses at your own leisure & if you're impressed please get in touch.

A tree house is almost every child's dream; it can also be almost every adults' too! Hours of fun to preserve innocence and importantly, give the parents a break too! Tree houses offer so much to everyone that comes into contact with them. They promote fun, physical recreation, independence, outdoor education and a love for nature (to name but a few).

So why do you need us?

We are different because we are qualified tree surgeons that are also very handy wood workers. That makes us have an ideal combination of skills to be able to put together beautiful yet safe tree houses.

Being qualified to 'work at height' enables us to go where very few can. This in turn gives others access to witness the beauty of a tree's canopy from within. We have an indepth knowledge of how trees behave and know suitable specimens for potential tree houses. This insight helps us predict how a tree will react when providing the back bone for a tree house so that we can design around potential hazards.

All You need to know about tree house building:
Initial Site Visit: we will visit your garden or play area to carry out an initial survey to establish your requirements. At this point we consider safety issues, potential trees for the tree house and discuss design ideas. This service is free of charge within a 30 mile radius from Exeter.

Planning & Design: Our tree houses are bespoke as no two trees are the same.
We put lots of time and effort into the design and costings of our tree houses. Our design representation is an artist's impression of the proposal. Once this has been approved, we set to work on pricing up the tree house. We have a design rate for this process of £250/day and we usually complete this stage in one day but this can depend on the project complexity.

Materials: We usually issue a proforma invoice before the start date for the materials purchasing.

The Build: we only use specific high quality materials, sourced from our specialist suppliers. All timber is treated for longevity.

Adaptability: We are a flexible team of specialist workers and strongly believe in being adaptable throughout the build on every tree house.

Typical Q & A's
Don't worry if you don't have a large tree for an obvious tree house as we can use discreet support legs, and can happily build around smaller trees.
What about planning permission?
• Roof ridge to be no higher than 4 metres
• Use for domestic purposes
• 20 metres away from any highway
Smaller tree houses are usually classed as temporary structures and do not require planning.
Call us if you are in any doubt, but we recommend that you speak to your local
planning office. Neighbours are often the greatest consideration.

An average tree house project takes between 2-4 weeks

Tree houses can be built in stages when / if required. Clients usually choose to do this when they have a bugdet to adhere to. This is not a problem at all as you could build the sturucture, balcony, and access (leaving the tree house open) in one stage, then enclose the structure and create activities i.e. zip wires, fireman's pole and swings at another stage.

Seriously Good Landscapes.Click image for more project information.
chudleigh landscapingWhat a Transformation
totnes landscapingCarefully cantilevered
chudleigh knighton landscapingDigger through the house
sidmouth landscapingHigh end material pallet
christow landscapingWaste not want not, Christow
dunsford landscapingMega Deck
tiverton landscapingIt's all about you
kingswear landscapingAccess of Doom!

bovey tracey landscapingFocal Fusion

dartmoor ilsington landscapingNaturally

Seriously Good Landscaping Design & Build Landscape Projects

We most enjoy working wholeheartedly with the client from the initial consultation to the final clean up, to create a personalised landscape that we can both be proud of. Above you will find a few examples of start to finish projects Seriously Good Landscapes have been involved in.

Seriously Good Garden Rooms.
Click image to enlarge or the text for more project information.
chudleigh garden roomForm & Function
bishopsteignton garden roomGlory be to Garden Rooms
buckfastleigh garden roomMan

What you need to know about our garden rooms.
Seriously Good garden rooms are bespoke, usually fully insulated, created with sustainability in mind and are usually within planning regulations to avoid the expense and hassle of going through the planning process.

You may have gathered we love our green spaces. So why not enjoy your garden all year round? A lot of our customers work from home and rather than being couped-up inside their house with all the distractions, we've built them a garden office room. Ours garden rooms don't usually breach planning laws and because they're designed for a specific location, they can fit in (nearly always!) where ever required
Buy a generic design to suit your requirements.
Click image to enlarge or the text for more information.

What you need to know about buying a generic design.
This service has been designed to accommodate for people who have a relatively level new build garden that has either been neglected by the contractors of has had a last minute fix to sell the property. By buying a generic design you save on reduced design fees and in turn it saves us a lot of time when pricing because each design has already been priced.

The idea sprung up after we found out that most new build garden plots are an after thought by contractors and that they normally have similar square meterages. We also wanted to offer people a chance to give give something back to nature that was taken when the houses were built. Drainage is key to prevent further flooding and by seriously good design your garden space can soak up the rain rather than simply allowing it to run off non-absorbant features into drains and then to be taken to the nearest water course that will undoubtably put the system under further pressure that will in turn increase the amount of water in rivers with the increased possibility of flooding.

Please see above designs that we have spent a considerable amount of effort designing the 3 price variations. Once you have chosen the design you wish to have, you have a choice:
1. You either buy just the chosen design with detailled drawings and step-by-step instructions to apply it yourself.
2. You buy the chosen design, with detailled drawings, step-by-step instructions and material list to apply it yourself.
3. You buy the chosen design and have our specialist team apply it for you with no fuss!

What if you like a particular design but you don't have a uniform plot? Not to worry, we can adapt dcertain designs to accomodate individuality.
Seriously Good Designs.
Click image to enlarge.
sidmouth designSidmouth
chudleigh designChudleigh
north devon tree houseCombe Martin Tree House
exeter designExeter
newton abbot designNewton Abbot

What you need to know about our design services

Design is personal. A good landscape designer will be able, from a single site visit, to interpret the key requirements from the client, go away and add a personal touch to the landscape design. Knowing how to do this effectively takes time and experience. I spent my further education at Brunel University studying design and engineering, learning about detail, function and form. I returned after Uni, wanting to make a difference to the world as every (well nearly every) new graduate wants to. I set up a design consultancy that designed websites, graphics and products for a number of reputable businesses. However, Devon is not the greatest place in the world to set up a product design consultancy because, as I learned the hard way, the market is mostly city based. My choice was easy; transfer the skills to landscape design and build. I have been working for 14 years (inbetween studying) for tree surgeons and landscapers and therefore had an extensive knowledge of trees, plants and shrubs and landscaping processes. Coupling this with my 7 years design knowledge, the transition has been a satisfying fusion of theory and practice..

2016 Seriously Good Landscaping Offers. Click image for offer details
sidmouth designNew Year Seriously Good Tree House 2016
chudleigh designNew Year Seriously Good Green Room 2016

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Welcome to the website for Devon based Seriously Good Landscapes!

Seriously Good Landscapes- based in Bovey Tracey, Devon, is a team of diverse professionals. Our main aim is to make your dream a Reality. Please navigate our work at your own leisure. We suggest viewing our offers because this could really save you and us a lot of time and expense. View our bespoke items; Devon tree houses & Garden Rooms & see where we've been in the news & if impressed, please make your dream a reality.

We have recently developed a range of our most popular
garden products which people can now buy from off the shelf. We are aware that what with the demand for housing, the plots that contractors are producing are becoming more and more generic buy design. We have been asked to design for several of these standard sized new development gardens and so what we are offering people now is a set of our best designs where the customer can pick and choose between budgets and features which once decided upon can then be applied to the specific area coverage of their garden.

We have also done the same for our most
popular tree house and also our most popular garden studio/ green room.

Sustainability is deeply engrained in each project. We assess your requirements & then use our knowledge & the finest local material, to suitably transform & integrate your new garden with nature creating a place to retreat & enjoy with friends and family.

Whether you are after natural beauty, formality or perhaps functionality, we aim to produce a landscape that contains all the desired elements.
We have all the combined knowledge & experience to provide you with a professional & friendly, yet affordable service that covers all aspects of landscaping / garden designing & building to bring your dream garden to life.

Our Devon Seriously Good Landscape services include:
landscape design & build, garden plans, garden clearance, all aspects of tree surgery, planting schemes, planting, turfing, ground management (soft/hard landscaping), fencing, decking, pergolas, bespoke garden rooms & bespoke tree houses.